How To Create a Healthy Workplace

How To Create a Healthy Workplace

All business owners and managers can benefit from a happy healthy workplace where employees are motivated and energetic. There are a number of advantages of a healthful working environment, such as improved productivity, happier employees, decreased absence and increased overall well-being. Adopting as many of these tips as possible will enhance your daily life and your coworkers. Your boss will probably be happy also, as a result of happier, healthier environment you’ve created.

1) Start Moving

Encouraging routine exercise and action is a fantastic way of enhancing the overall health of workers. This might be an effort to get people riding bicycles to work, following work athletic activities, or just going for a walk through the lunch break. Any rise in the activity level is a great thing, begin small and build, even taking the stairs rather than the elevator is a great start. One method of encouraging coworkers to take more exercise would be to provide incentives, such as free weekly fitness classes or gym memberships. You can also run competitions like highest daily step count most active of the week. Some employees may be hesitant to participate so it is your job to make it fun and engaging, for example, every week there will be an organised activity such as going bowling, going trampolining or heading down to the golf course, or it could be trying freestyle wrestling classes as a group. Who knows you may have a freestyle wrestling natural in your workplace!

2) Use Colour to Inspire

Various colours affect us in various ways. Choosing the appropriate colours for your workplace is important, you can look at your company colours and create a cohesive look across the workplace. Decorating your offices with the right colours can have a large influence on creativity, productivity, and disposition:

  • Orange: exudes excitement, energy, and enthusiasm
  • Red: proven to improve energy levels, increase blood pressure and accelerate the heart rate. A stimulant for dialogue and cooperation
  • Pale Blue: Focused and effective
  • Brown: Exactly the exact same effect that greens and blues do (tranquillity, and peace).
  • Green: Evokes feelings of safety, satisfaction, and credibility.

3) Plants, Plenty of plants

Having plants around the workplace not only enhances the overall look of the work area, but it is also turned out to be beneficial to productivity and health. In our previous post, we detailed the benefits of crops at the workplace. Plants bring nature into the office and having some greenery lightens the mood and provide a talking point.

4) Encourage Healthy Lunches and Snacks

Most companies are within easy access to a grocery store, sandwich store or fast food outlet, perfect for convenience, not so great for health. In the event that you and your coworkers dine daily on fine large baguettes, hamburgers or bags of crisps and a chocolate bars then it is a good idea to swap this for a yummy salad! Eating healthier is not just great for the waist, it’s also ideal for your immune system, skin, concentration, memory, imagination, mood and several other advantages that crap or convenience foods do not supply. It’s possible to encourage the shift to such foods in many of ways, one simple way is to lead by example and begin to modify your diet. Ensure that the catering for workplace functions is healthy and fresh so people can try healthy foods. Healthy eating is the basis for a healthy lifestyle, so swap out salty fattening food with wholesome homely take home style meals.

5) Invest in Seats That are Comfortable and Supportive

Purchasing ergonomic seats, and encouraging good posture will help your workers relaxation and wellness. Sitting correctly might seem like something that is natural and easy, however, there is a range of factors which you will not have considered seeing your posture in your desk along with the regular tools you’re using.

6) Open a Few Windows

Launching a window and letting fresh, natural atmosphere into the workplace not only minimises the requirement for air conditioning but also produces a breeze and freshens the atmosphere. There are many benefits of having some fresh air in the office.

7) Get out the Tunes

When we hear songs, the release of dopamine is triggered within our own bodies, this is the feel-good compound we get if we are enjoying something such as good food or an encounter. Listening to songs is very good for inspiration and motivation also, it may also be employed to assist concentration and prevent distraction. Music will help you be more effective by creating jobs you might not always wish to perform, more pleasing. Vintage or instrumental music is very great for endurance and endurance.

8) Create the Ideal Mood Using Lighting

If it comes to light, the more natural the better. In case you haven’t got sufficient all-natural lighting, during winter, for instance, then you’ve got to use artificial lighting. Stay away from direct lighting or using a workplace that’s too brightly coloured. Natural light bulbs are far better than neon strips and ought to placed behind you when working in a computer the majority of the time.
Position lighting in order to not reflect from different objects since this may lead to eye strain and headaches.

9) Fruit Bowls for All

Put a bowl of fruit in the workplace and encourage all to help themselves, this can cut snacking on unhealthy foods and count as part your daily fruit intake. Introduce fun and interesting fruits such as papaya, pineapple and mini bananas to get everyone excited. Others will shortly take the initiative and begin to contribute to the tropical fruit bowl!

10) Art Can do Wonders

Decorate the office space with plenty of artwork and points of interest such as furniture and sculptures. Have an art storage area where people can enjoy during the day and you can even involve everyone with an exhibition showcase regularly. Art stimulates conversation and acts as an ice-breaker as well as conveying to clients and visitors that your workplaces value creativity and artistic ability.