How to Create your own Interior Design Portfolio

How to Create your own Interior Design Portfolio

Interior design is not the same as the other interior decorating. People tend to make this mistake all the time. People think it is just about picking wall colours, cushions and throw rugs. That only covers about 10 per cent of what a designer does. In interior design, you learn about floor plans, construction, history concerning interior design, ergonomics, colour theory styles and functionality, building codes, client communication and mechanical systems it is more than just adding designs to a room.

So, do you need to create your interior design portfolio to help get you hired by clients? But you don’t have any client work to show off yet?

Here is the way to create your very own portfolio to showcase to potential employers:

Use university projects or personal projects

If you went to university and studied interior design, then chances are you most likely have done some pretty big tasks surrounding interior design. Use this as your starting point and show off the projects that you re most proud of and the ones you think will appeal to the clients. If you are somebody who has dedicated a good amount of time into a personal project on perhaps your favourite style, for example, coastal interior design, you can definitely

Add your family as clients

If you have in-laws or other close family members with different last names, then you can do work for them and showcase it. You may have decorated a bedroom for them or created a new kitchen incorporating beach style homewares This will help to place importance on your design signature and make your life easier. It also shows that you have taken the initiative and have been pro-active. 

Incentivise Past Clients

If you are working as an online interior designer, then the most significant problem you will face is getting the images of the completed rooms to add to the portfolio. This seems to be a big problem with all sorts of design services. People are busy and often their budget for the room with a trickle. Finishing the office to a complete stage will take time. From here, you will need to incentivise them for them to get a wriggle on to send you pictures of the finished room so you can add it to your portfolio. To get them to send you the finished room, you can offer them a discount of a future design or even offer them a small give. You don’t need to go overboard here but make it something you think they would like. Be creative just like testimonials that come in short order put yourself in their shoes.

Show off your design presentation

You can present the designs that you have created for your clients. Leave off the pertinent info of where to buy the items as this would be unfair to the clients. The designs are also great to use to create blog posts about the problem the client is having and how you managed to solve it.

Only showcase what you want to do

Only put the work you want to be doing in the portfolio. If you have done modern before but wouldn’t like to do it again, don’t put it in the collection. People will see it and want it. If you don’t want to offer it then best not to show it.

Get your portfolio out there. Don’t wait for people to contact you makes copied and send them to companies and offer a high price to get your head in the door and get some feedback rolling. Advertise on social media and even create some business cards so they can get in contact with you shall they like to try your services.